We would like to borrow ONIX datasets from a few publishers to help us test and refine the capabilities of our new software. As such, we aren’t so much interested in the data itself and have no intention of compiling an aggregation. Instead, we need lots of real publisher ONIX data complete with coding errors, inconsistencies, and all the rude surprises that data is heir to.  And what better way to assure the quality of our software than by testing it on a range of book metadata from a broad sampling of publishers?

What are we up to?  BiblioMeta is launching an intelligent web-hosting service for book publishers—hosting your complete ONIX metadata and, with our custom APIs, making it available for embedding as HTML or JSON online.

What’s in it for you? When you lend us your ONIX dataset, we’ll set you up with a free trial BiblioMeta account. In short order, we’ll have your ONIX records rendered as a fully-navigable Website—essentially, an online book catalog that is instantly produced out of your own ONIX. In addition, our conversion engine creates HTML embedding codes you’ll use to display ONIX data on your web pages.

What else? Try using the embed codes to produce a fresh validation and view of your own ONIX; we’ll show you how. And rest assured, we have no intention of releasing or reselling any data, have no interest in statistical trends or correlations that may be lurking in a large, heterogenous data set, and promise total, utter, and complete confidentiality.