As a contemporary book publisher, you are most likely invested in, and reliant upon, the quality of your ONIX metadata.  The BiblioMeta platform is engineered to help you leverage that investment by equipping your ONIX feed with a modern web API that transforms the metadata and injects it wherever, and however, you need it.

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ONIX Proofing Site

When your ONIX feed arrives in your BiblioMeta account by FTP, the first place it is visible is on a private ONIX Proofing Site.  The metadata is rendered out to be fully navigable with ISBNs grouped under title entities, as well as indexed pages for imprints, series, subjects, authors and related titles, all coming directly out of your ONIX without any manual intervention.  
The ONIX proofing site sheds a light on the true contents of your current ONIX feed, and helps all collaborators check on how their contribution to the metadata is turning out in the feed being sent to vendors.  It’s a read-only environment that encourages editors to return to the source in order to fix and enhance metadata for all recipients.
In the case of Agate Publishing, our case study, the ONIX Proofing Site is visible at

ONIX-enabled web catalogs

Once your ONIX feed is in place on the BiblioMeta platform, all of your metadata becomes available for displaying as a web catalog.  Using any standard CMS such as Wordpress, Squarespace, Drupal or Shopify, the BiblioMeta API serves up your ONIX data as web pages and data chunks that are displayed to the public.  For example, at the ONIX metadata is being embedded via API calls in order to place the content on the pages of its website, resulting in a comprehensive web catalog that is entirely based on metadata coming out of the publisher’s standard ONIX feed.  Not only are the book pages such as /titles/a-giant-reborn coming from the ONIX, but the all of the supporting pages such as /biographies and /imprints are also calculated and rendered directly out of the ONIX feed.

This workflow insures a new level of efficiency in metadata management and catalog publishing while transforming the publishing team’s relationship to its own ONIX.  Instead of worrying about an ONIX feed and then worrying about a web catalog, the team can focus its attention on the quality if its master ONIX feed, knowing that’s what they are actually seeing on their own web site.

Case Study and Free Trial

You can read a short Case Study on how Agate Publishing is using the BiblioMeta platform to optimize the management of their own web site.  If you’re a publisher with an ONIX feed, you can send us a copy of your ONIX for a free demo.  We would be happy to load your ONIX into a trial account so you can see how it renders out, and discuss ways in which BiblioMeta can put your ONIX to work for you.

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